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Our Breeding Program

Our breeding program is more than just putting one Llewellin with another and selling what we produce. A good breeder needs years of watching or studying the dogs, competing and evaluating what you have in your kennel and knowing what is available on the outside to make your kennel the best it can be. Knowing what these dogs are truly capable of achieving helps me in my breeding program. Continued evaluation of your breeding stock and program is key to HLS, so I put them to the test each and every trial season or hunting season. The Houdini dogs are not just breeding stock, these dogs compete at the highest level of competition available and they are hunted as often as one can hunt. I compete against all pointing breeds not just other Llewellin Setters.

Do not let the “competition talk” or “field trial dog” scare you...it’s a must in any successful, high quality breeding program which I feel very strongly about. Yes they must also prove themselves in the field, grouse woods and mountains all over the United States or the world for that matter. If you are not looking for the best possible Llewellin, there are many other Llewellin Setter Breeders in this country. If you want what I believe is the most talented well rounded Llewellin available today please contact me. I can answer any questions you may have about the dogs or this kennel.

About Llewellins

Llewellins are loyal, lovable, lively, likeable, and happy to be in your company if you own one. They are superb brush-loving dogs with an innate desire to please their master in the field, producing a table of bountiful meat, whether Grouse, Pheasant, Quail, Partridge, Chukar, Woodcock or "any other little feathered creature that gives them a nose full of scent." They have been held in high regard by Royalty and benefit the same to anyone who is fortunate to be in their presence. They are docile, love children, playtime, mealtime, quiet-time and any other time. Their owners recognize their dedication to the family, and the differences they illustrate from other hunting breeds. They are the Llewellin Setters of those most blessed - their owners. 

Llewellins love to please their master in the field.

Our Puppies

Coloration on puppies:

Addie at 6 weeks Addie at 4 months

Pups that are born all white will eventually develop small black, orange, or chestnut spots (or ticking) all over their bodies. As they grow, these pups will end up with a lot of ticking and are called "Belton’s" (blue belton, orange belton, or chestnut belton). Blue refers to black hair that mingles with the white surrounding hair to form bluish-gray coloring. Ticking will not be completed until a pup is about 9 months old. All large spots will show up on a pup at the time of birth and pups with large spots on the body, and/or partially or solid heads are not referred to as Belton’s.

Before your pup leaves Houdini Kennels it will receive:

Cover Introduction
Cover Introduction
Intro to Water/Swim Lessons
Intro to Water/Swim Lessons
Bird Introduction
Bird Introduction

Click here to download a short video of the puppies (2.8MB)

Houdini Llewellins Sales / Health Guarantee

"In the event a licensed Veterinarian confirms that the dog/puppy is unsound due to hereditary disease, it will be replaced, free of charge, (provided the pup is returned to us) with another dog/puppy acceptable to the buyer. If you choose to keep the pup then it must be spayed/neutered and proof of such provided, we will then provide another pup at half of current puppy price. (excluding transportation costs) for a period of two (2) years.
This is the sole guarantee of sale.

Breed History

"Count Noble"

On display at the Bird Dog Hall of Fame in Grand Junction, TN.
Count Noble Llewellin Setter
("Houdini's D' Hurlain Pre" is a direct descendent of this dog)

The Llewellin Setter's history began in the last quarter of the 19th Century. An English gentleman by the name of Purcell Llewellin produced his own strain of English Setters and kept the lines free from any outcrosses. In 1875 he crossed his line-bred dogs to the Lavarack Setter, owned by Edward Lavarack. This unique cross produced the Llewellin Setter, and all canines claiming that name must be traced back to that original cross. 

Although some do breed English to Llewellin, the litter must be registered as English Setter in the Field Dog Stud Book of The American Field Publishing Company, where only pure Llewellin Setters are registered. The AKC does not recognize the Llewellin Setter as a distinctive breed but as an English Setter, from whence it originated.

Most who have ever hunted both English and Llewellin Setters, can easily recognize the distinctiveness of each breed line. These dog come in all coats and colors -- tri-colors (black, white, and tan), chestnut, brown, blue, lemon, liver, orange, and tan beltons (white and one other color). God chose to uniquely color each. Although considered long-haired dogs, the length varies with the breeding.

Males top out in weight from between 45 and 60 lbs. Females, 35 to 50 lbs. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is a good standard of rule.

Houdini Llewellins Setters, LLC breeds pure Llewellin Setters. As a small breeder we produce only a few superior litters of puppies each year. We are dedicated to SELECTIVE BREEDING to produce the BEST of the breed, while preserving the innate instinct of the close-working, foot-hunting meat dogs!

Wind'em is directly linked to "Count Noble," which is the closest blood line back to the original cross of Purcell Llewellin's Setters, and Edward Laverack's dogs in 1875, which produced the Llewellin Setter as we know it today. Windem, is producing beautifully marked, highly intelligent, natural bird wise puppies.

He is out of two recent imports; one from William Humphrey's dogs in Belgium, and "Advie High Beam," which is from Derry Argue's kennel in Scotland. William Humphrey received the dogs of Purcell Llewellin at his death and the strains remained pure.

Watch our web site for puppies sired by him. For more information, check out the Studs & Dams page.

For more detailed historical information see What is a Llewellin Setter at llewellin.com.

Llewellins at a National Llewellin Gun Dog Club Trial in Minnesota
National Llewellin Gun Dog Club


"ALL Houdini puppies and dogs registered by the AMERICAN FIELD DOG STUD BOOK"
All breeding pairs are DNA Tested and the results on file with the American Field Dog Registry

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